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The Books

Colouring Books

cover front onlyColoring is for kids, right?

But here you can colour illustrations based on the Tudor world and read some facts from those times.
Which wife was caught with a lover?
Who committed treason?
And at the same time you can relieve stress and colour the likes of Henry VII, Henry VIII and a young Elizabeth I.
All you need is a set of colouring pencils.

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Colouring is for kids – right? Not necessarily. Colouring can relieve stress and anxiety, even lower your blood pressure. It’s definitely cathartic. But fairytales are for kids – right? Not necessarily. Fairytales were once stories told around fires for adults, not children. They were scary and frightening, the movies of the past. So have a look at some fairytales for adults. Is the tale of the three pigs not scary?


An Adult Colouring Book cover

Colouring is for kids – right? Not necessarily. Adults are getting into colouring in a big way. It’s said to relieve stress and anxiety, even lower your blood pressure. It’s definitely cathartic. So – you can colour geometric shapes with your morning coffee – if you want to. But free spirits are looking for something more, so what about an ‘adult’ colouring book? The hand-drawn pen outlines in this book are taken from alternative art photographs to provide an individual experience. Why not sharpen up your pencils and your creativity to produce your own art pictures, pictures that celebrate the greatest art form of all, the human body? The book contains 15 illustrations ready to be coloured. The pages are single sided allowing them to be carefully removed and framed once completed.

Or you can download it from my ETSY shop.

Adult Fiction

the gone book cover


Bitsy walks off a plane to find that Heathrow airport is nearly abandoned. She and two men manage to run, but as they do they find themselves in an apocalyptic Britain where humans have become an endangered species and the world is ruled by The Gone. Can they get to the WHO before it is too late? The Gone is a gritty apocalyptic horror that began as a serialised blog at It slowly evolved into the novel with the help of readers, giving rise to a very different Britain that is a challenge to survive in.


gone 2Bitsy and Max have left Colin in the hands of Aaron and the scientists but should she go back and rescue him when she knows she must leave those she loves to do it? Can they work out how to save everyone before it is too late, and they become monsters? The Gone 2 is a gritty apocalyptic horror sequel to ‘The Gone’. It is set in a very different Britain where the monsters are not always visible.




shallow sea

Mel is in despair as her life falls to pieces around her. Just in time, an opportunity too good to miss comes her way and she embarks on the ‘journey of a lifetime’. Just how crucial this journey will be she has no way of knowing, but it will test her strength, her self-belief and her life… ‘The Shallow Sea’ is a disaster with a twist and only one woman can work out just how far the conspiracy goes, and hopefully she can do it with her heart intact. ‘The Shallow Sea’ is a full length novel of 50,000 words.


truth and lies book cover

Mary marries a man picked by her mother, a marriage of convenience, yet sixteen years later she realises that she has to run. Except when she gets home she finds herself fighting to keep her family together and to save her son. She has to decide what lengths she will go to in order to protect him…





Short Story Collections

shadows close

In October 1983, something happened in Shadows Close. The dead-end road was subject to a week of horror that left the inhabitants shaking with terror. This book documents that week and what happened to each resident. Unlike other short story collections, the characters appear throughout the book as each household lives through its own terror. Shadows Close has ghosts, killers and heroes; be warned that it is advisable not to read it after sunset. A young boy decides to protect his mother at all cost; a house slips into the floodplain; a couple find themselves reliving a story that is a hundred years old; a ghost, who killed its own mother, is threatened; a man tries to save his family from the evil which is steadily crawling toward his house. Written in the lean style of dirty realism the short stories are awash with fear and horror. Set within the confines of one street the stories have a strong narrative framework that allows the location to become as much a character as any of the people in the stories. The threshold has been crossed and Shadows Close is the boundary where the human character is placed under a darkly tinted glass.

phantom horse


A series of short stories and flash fiction from horror to romance. Everything needed for an adult book of fairy tales and stories. Titles include: “The Phantom Horse” – nightmare or premonition “Love and Mud” – a romance on a Welsh smallholding “Trapped in Amber” – unique earrings with a twist In all there are 32 stories in the book which is 110 pages long.



love just is

What is love? The Ancient Greeks knew. Realising there are so many types of love, they gave a name to each one. In Love Just Is each meaning is explored by short stories. Some are obvious and comforting, some shocking and some disturbingly unpleasant. Eros explores romance and passion. Ludus looks at love as a game. Storge, where family means everything. Mania sees love as art and obsession. Pragma allows you to shop for love. Agape is always selfless. Philia is an act of friendship. The anthology includes 22 stories; 130 pages and 7 illustrations.


Children’s Fiction (Ages 7-14)

here be dragons cover


Eight year old Jimmy and his family are normal people, they live in a normal house. Except they are not… they are dragons. For years they have hidden their true selves, but now somebody has found them and they are in great danger. Together with other supernatural children Jimmy and Paul must find the truth and save their parents.




here be wolves


Jimmy, Paul, Megan, Lucy and Dean have rescued some of the parents but they have got to find the rest. The problem is that they are just kids… Except they aren’t… They are two dragons, a gryphon, a wolf and a monster, and together they must rescue everyone, no matter the cost!








Dai’s father is missing and his mum has to work. So Dai is babysitting all summer. How could he know that his boring job would lead him into an enchanted world as he fights to save his father and his sister? Even more strange is the legacy he brings back.






Many years ago a band of people were walled up in an underground city. They are still thriving and using the modern world to help their community. None more so than Heather who is determinedd to use the Upworld to save her mother’s life and give herself a future, though she is forbidden to go. Heather must travel to Upworld and brave modern day Edinburgh.



Picture Books (Ages 0 – 5)



Moon has lost the stars, and Sun is going to help him look. But where will they find them? The story of the Moon and the Stars explores the physics of light and dark. It shows how the stars do not disappear during the day, but we see too much light in order to make them out…